Lieselotte Vloeberghs

Lieselotte Vloeberghs (she/they, °1994, Lier) lives and works in Gent, Belgium. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts at LUCA School of Arts Ghent (2012-2017). In 2018, she was invited to participate in Coming People and won the Prize of the Friends of the S.M.A.K. with the installation IE. Afterwards, she made an installation for a book show in OPEN Reykjavik, was invited by KOMPLOT for a residency in Chateau Nour, and for a residency in Galerija 101 in Kaunas. She has also taken part in several group exhibitions in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp.

In her work, Vloeberghs portray's humanity's mystical nature. Fascinated by the arsenal of spiritual practices and ways of living in the world, her work - in a light-hearted and sometimes playful way - is always an expression of this.

In her drawings and sculptures, she allows distant or abstract realities to become touchable as complex characters. Images of meaning and invisible relationships are plucked from the atmosphere and given form. Matters that transcend physicality are cast into recognizable figures, and Vloeberghs turns precisely those things that are actually feelings, pure air, ideas, and often primarily language, into characters and images. The hands try to give expression to fragments of text, spiritual practices, thoughts, etc. and in this way create a 'translation' in an illogical visual language. Suddenly you can be chasing cloud images with a butterfly net, you are following a directionless maze to unknown places or you are having a conversation with yourself - but the one from yesterday.

Vloeberghs balances the persistent domination of the idea during the creation of her images with the addition of arbitrary ways of applying sequences, making choices and arrangements during presentation moments. Coincidence is thus also given a role, is a pillar in Vloeberghs' research into all possible ways of making sense, which behaves like an ongoing indecision. A recognition that human experience is also often compelling, arbitrary, accidental. In the end, Vloebergh's practice forms a staff map of what a person can be moved by, a range of sensitive truths that leave the path of logical thought far behind. An everyday experience in the spotlight, with everything that feeling can bring about, and an emphasis on exploration, gaiety, wonder, luck.

— Text by Hanne Geerinckx

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