Lieselotte Vloeberghs

attempts to be more kind

  • 2018
  • icw. Komplot, Els Dillen and Margarita Žigutytė
  • Mixed-media
  • residence

Attempts to be more kind (working title) is an ongoing research in the many levels of kindness.

By adopting a non-human point of view and imagining how non-humans wish to be cared for, a playground of assumptions unfold. These imaginings are the starting point for a series of intentional acts in which a meaningful relationship between people and non-people is established. Acts resulting in a collection of actions, drawings, text, sculptures and videos.

Attempts to be more kind started in residency hosted by Komplot Brussels (BE) and funded by Vlaamse Overheid. By building a sponge castle for the cleaning products, singing for plants, galloping for horse lovers and many other actions, attempts to be more kind tried to make Kuregem a better place for non-humans. The results of this residency were shown in a solo exhibition.

Invited for a residency hosted by Galleria 101 (LT) and funded by Lithuanian Council for culture, attempts to be more kind took another look into the different categories of kindness. In collaboration with Els Dillen and Margarita Žigutytė a PDF course in kindness emerged. By providing play time for baby trees, celebrating pictorial aspects, creating perfect weather conditions and many other acts, we dived deeper into the concepts of care and animism.

To be continued.