Lieselotte Vloeberghs

vitamins on paper

  • 2019
  • Drawing
  • 210mm × 297mm
  • paper, pencil, acryl, marker

An examination of the mind-matter quality of vitamins.

A series of drawings inspired by the relationship between mind and matter, by quantum physics and the malleable behavior of particles.

There’s an experiment in which scientists measure the muscle function of an athlete when they are practicing their sport. As well do they measure the muscle function while the athlete is merely visualizing the practice of their sport. It appears that the muscles are equally engaged in the physical action as in the act of pretending.

These drawings were created with the intention of exploring the relationship between drawn lines and cell changes. An investigation towards the placebo effects of drawing.

Can one taste the apple by drawing one?
Does the viewer lead a healthier life by looking at the paper?
Can the smell of a flower enter my nose at the sight of the color?
How do lines, forms and color on paper relate to the cells in one’s body?