Lieselotte Vloeberghs


  • 2018
  • installation
  • 4m × 4m
  • paper, pencil, tape, wood, tapestry, chair, book, drawings

Installation IE consists of a room several meters high with walls made of delicate drawing paper. All the opinions and points of view drawn on it click together like a puzzle. The result is not a clear image but a layered reality of ideas, in an attempt to uncover a greater truth. In this work, the artist herself adopts the point of view of the air, as something transparent and all-embracing. The breathing space between each of her ideas is physically represented by blank sheets. In addition, Vloeberghs is also presenting a publication entitled IE, in which she transports us into the minds of four characters who are looking for answers to all their questions. We are invited to sit down on a chair and to project questions onto an endless sheet of white paper without ever finding an answer to them.

— Text by Griet Bonne

Shown at
Coming People/ Prize of the friends of S.M.A.K. (Gent, BE, 2018)